Posted on Nov 6, 2013

Why Your Business Should be Listed on Google Maps (and other directories)

Why Your Business Should be Listed on Google Maps (and other directories)


If you’re a local business not listed on Google Maps, you’re like a blindfolded golfer. Why would anyone go through learning how to play – and then step on to a course and attempt to play blindfolded? That would not make much sense.


You spend a lot of time, money and effort every day trying to putt your business into the right holes. You’re trying to aim your business so that it focusing on your customers – the key to your success. But when you’re not able to see where your customers are, it makes you less effective. Google offers up those customers on a plate. Not taking the opportunity to put(t) yourself in front of them is plain silly.


Stop Talking About Golf And Concentrate On Maps


Okay, enough of the golf analogy. But hopefully you get the idea.


Being on Google Maps should be as important as putting up a sign in front of your storefront business. The same applies to other directories similar to Google Maps.


Note that we are talking about local businesses. This is where Google Maps really shines because it fits in perfectly with how your customers are now using technology.


The good news is that it barely takes any time to register and keep multiple listings with Google Maps and other directories. It’s not too difficult and most people will be able to register listings for themselves. If you don’t want to do that, or if you want to submit your website to several directories, including Google Maps, you can use one of the many online services that are available, such as SubmitNet .


It doesn’t matter how you get your website listed. It matters more that you go ahead and do it. Here’s why:


To start with, Google’s personalized search results are now an everyday activity for a large proportion of your potential customers. But it’s a misconception to think that they just search for web-based businesses, products or services. Local searches are also now commonplace, largely because search results, reviews, and directions are now completely intertwined.


A potential customer searching for a product or service that you offer is not just looking to find your address details and telephone numbers. They are also looking for reviews, directions, photos, videos, offers and vouchers – everything that Google Maps and other powerful directories offer.


You also need to consider what mobile web usage means for your business. Your customers could be standing on the sidewalk or sitting in the car in the vicinity of your business searching for a product or service that you provide. Google Maps will help get your business in front of them.


It does this because of the prominence Google gives to its Places for Business and Maps listings. You could spend loads of money getting in the top five results of Google for your preferred search term. Or you can get listed in Google Maps, as the map appears in the same place.


So let’s go back to the start: why should your local business be listed on Google Maps and other directories? Potential local customers are using these tools to find the types of products and services that you offer. Don’t be the blindfolded golfer. Use the tools in front of your fingertips (and eyes!) today to make the most impact.